onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Week 3

Kyoto week 3Kyoto viewKyoto week 3Kyoto week 3Kyoto week 3

Today we studied by the river, me, Tanja and Giosua (an amazingly funny guy from our class) when we met this wonderful lady. She could speak a bit english, which is so rare in Kyoto even among young people. She was so nice walking up to us trying to help us with our poor japanese. We have so much homework, after two days i've learned about 200 words! Now, off to bed

2 kommentarer:

melifaif sa...

Wow. 200 words?!? Congrats. I love that little kid "dancing" by the water. Keep up the good work.

MC's Closet sa...

so arorable!!!
the lady with the umbrella made me laugh:)

MC's Closet