söndag 10 oktober 2010

night falls


Today we went to the river to paint, this city is so beautiful and the weather still thinks it's summer. I bought a melon for 100 yen, which is about 8 kr. This is a major exception, all fruit is really expensive here. One apple is more than 3-4 apples in Sweden. Although they are huge!
In the afternoon we went to the center of town and found some new good shops with secondhand clothing, which is really hard to find. There are so many streets, so many people and so many expensive shops for.. old ladies or girls who love pink. I bought me a pare of sunglasses in an amazing store, and I so wanted to buy more but my student way of living wont let me. Although we decided to let ourselves go to a restaurant (for probably the first time since we came here) and eat sushi. It was a sushibar with a rolling hoop, with plates with different kinds of sushi. When you see one you want you just take it from the hoop and eat it. Then you pay 130 yen for each plate. I'm so going back next time I decide to spoil myself. You get tired of bananas, rice and egg after a while.

2 kommentarer:

Valeria sa...

beautiful pictures! your life in japan seems quite cool! :)

melifaif sa...

Wait, was that an eggroll on a stick???? What a concept??? LOL! You are amazing...keep it up!