måndag 11 oktober 2010


Kyoto, streetKyoto sushibar, WandaKyoto sushibar, EleanorKyoto sushibar
Kyoto sushibar, necklace

1. One of the many small streets in the middle of Kyoto filled with restaurants (and tattoo-stores, went there thinking about getting a tattoo)
2-4. Me, Eleanor and Wanda went to a sushibar after some shopping (hehe,he) where the sushi is served on a rolling hoop like yesterday. I completely love sushi. And it's so much fun trying new "flavors", I ended up with 7 plates. And a cake. Ouch.
5. My new necklace I bought today at one of my favorite stores

2 kommentarer:

melifaif sa...

Well, if you are gonna get a tattoo...what better place than Japan? So, what will the tattoo be??? We shall see....

amanda sa...

fint halsband. och bombay bicycle club är bra bra bra. speciellt nya albumet