onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Good looking looking good

Kyoto, ハンサムKyoto, ハンサムKyoto, ハンサムKyoto, ハンサム
Some of my good-looking friends

måndag 25 oktober 2010

I väntan på din och min framtid

Eskilstuna Sweden secondhand vs. japan september 2010

Att blunda, att ta sig i kragen. Att acceptera att allt förändras. Att livet kan levas. Och att glömma utan att egentligen glömma. För att drunkna är inte så illa om det får en att drömma och hoppas på att en seglande båt ska komma.

I follow you with my eyes closed

Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010DSC_Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010Kyoto autumn 2010

Temples and shrines close to my apartment, my crazy teacher who's teaching us how to say "more handsome than" in Japanese by putting himself next to a famous boyband, a festival in town, our "party-hangout-spot" in daylight, and a restaurant with crazy good food. The last picture I stole from darling Eleanor.

Except for that everything is wonderful and I'm enjoying myself to the limit I'm starting to feel how the motherf crazy speed in school and the constant partying is draining me of power. They don't really go together at all. But our teachers seem to do whatever they can to keep us from having a life. I've been tired the whole day, and when the half of me is back in Sweden (who I can't talk to anymore), and the day is filled with rain rain rain and no energy whatsoever it makes you feel quite down. But life is life. The important part is that it's not raining this weekend, when we are going to Nara, and a Halloweenparty which i still have no costume for.

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Week 3

Kyoto week 3Kyoto viewKyoto week 3Kyoto week 3Kyoto week 3

Today we studied by the river, me, Tanja and Giosua (an amazingly funny guy from our class) when we met this wonderful lady. She could speak a bit english, which is so rare in Kyoto even among young people. She was so nice walking up to us trying to help us with our poor japanese. We have so much homework, after two days i've learned about 200 words! Now, off to bed

måndag 11 oktober 2010


Kyoto, streetKyoto sushibar, WandaKyoto sushibar, EleanorKyoto sushibar
Kyoto sushibar, necklace

1. One of the many small streets in the middle of Kyoto filled with restaurants (and tattoo-stores, went there thinking about getting a tattoo)
2-4. Me, Eleanor and Wanda went to a sushibar after some shopping (hehe,he) where the sushi is served on a rolling hoop like yesterday. I completely love sushi. And it's so much fun trying new "flavors", I ended up with 7 plates. And a cake. Ouch.
5. My new necklace I bought today at one of my favorite stores

söndag 10 oktober 2010

night falls


Today we went to the river to paint, this city is so beautiful and the weather still thinks it's summer. I bought a melon for 100 yen, which is about 8 kr. This is a major exception, all fruit is really expensive here. One apple is more than 3-4 apples in Sweden. Although they are huge!
In the afternoon we went to the center of town and found some new good shops with secondhand clothing, which is really hard to find. There are so many streets, so many people and so many expensive shops for.. old ladies or girls who love pink. I bought me a pare of sunglasses in an amazing store, and I so wanted to buy more but my student way of living wont let me. Although we decided to let ourselves go to a restaurant (for probably the first time since we came here) and eat sushi. It was a sushibar with a rolling hoop, with plates with different kinds of sushi. When you see one you want you just take it from the hoop and eat it. Then you pay 130 yen for each plate. I'm so going back next time I decide to spoil myself. You get tired of bananas, rice and egg after a while.

torsdag 7 oktober 2010

Thinkin of a way to get you to stay

My new ultrasmall room and its new member lovely coach

This is my small room in our tiny apartment, Japanese style I guess. I hated it at first but managed to make it a bit more me. My latest bought is this small couch/table which is both beautiful and perfect for studying and skyping. Because even though I love living in my bed my mattress is quite(!) thin and hard, not very good for sitting on for some while. If your not very bodyliciuos maybe. Although i manage to sleep pretty well on it.

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

If I follow the light

Moving to Japan, new bikeMoving to Japan, viewMoving to Japan, studying on the roofMoving to Japan, a black ladybugMoving to Japan, Kyoto university of art and designMoving to Japan, our bicycleparking

1. Me and my new bike, 2-3. We went to the university roof top, where they have a garden and an amazing view to study Japanese. 4. A black ladybug liked Tanja's katakana. 5. Me on top of the billion stares to the university of art and design. 6. Our bicycle-parking next to school.

The weather today was sooo nice, sunny and about 25 degrees. In your face Sweden.

måndag 4 oktober 2010

To move to Japan

Moving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto Japan, Tanja and meMoving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto Japan, Kamo riverMoving to Kyoto Japan, TanjaMoving to Kyoto JapanMoving to Kyoto Japan, flowershopMoving to Kyoto Japan, flowershopMoving to Kyoto Japan, Nijo castle
Day 6
So it has begun. I'm sitting in my room, on my mattress-bed in our tiny apartment, with my new Japanese computer (that I have to guess my way through). In Kyoto.
This country is magical, I don't even know where to begin, the crosswalk even sounds like birds singing when they turn green, telling you in a discreet way that it's ok to cross. Crazy.