måndag 17 januari 2011

You're lucky if your memories remains

Kyoto dec 2010Kyoto dec 2010
My room was already small when I came here, but I seem to be making it smaller and smaller.

There is something wrong with my head. My whole life it seems to have been sorting out all kinds of information, all kinds of memories, without even asking me first.
I seem to have got it from my father, who is exactly the same. We just don't remember stuff.
My oldest friend keeps on telling me the stories of our lives. Stories that are completely new to me. Crazy stories, extremely interesting stories, that I want to remember. I just don't.
So I have realized that I need to write down my life, day by day.
So far I am on my second diary.

4 kommentarer:

melifaif sa...

Ack!!!!!!!!!! I am the.same.way!!! So annoying. I suppose this blog helps me in that way....a dairy would be better. More honest and raw, I suppose? Maybe you have started something in me....thinking of you dear friend.

Natalie Suarez sa...

these pics are awesome. i love all the clothes hanging!! :)


Laura sa...

You made your room very cosy :-) Even it's just a room for a while. Tell me, what are you doing in Kyoto? And why Koyoto and not another country? I'd love to study abroad but I never thought about going to Asia...
Love your blog, btw. I take a look at it now and then for almost 1,5 year now I think.

ottilia sa...

åh så inspirerande!!